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Dane firmy:
THERIOS Anna Skobrtal
Za Skłonem 18
30-240 Kraków
NIP: 9441470998

Biuro i Magazyn:
Hodura 6
30-416 Kraków
Tel+48 696 056 828, +48 606 862 467

Zapraszamy w godzinach:
poniedziałek - piątek 9:00-16:00


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Information clause privacy policy Information clause privacy policy In accordance with the disclosure requirements included in the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27th April 2016, we inform that the condition to undertake any actions toward signing a contract or the condition to sign a contract is to give personal data in the form. The personal data might be: • processed in order to complete the contract regarding the party to the contract as the data subject or to undertake activities on demand of the data subject before signing the contract as well as in order to fulfil the compulsion of law by the data controller according to article 6 section 1 point b, c of the above-mentioned regulation • passed to data processors such as Accounting Office responsible for posting payments in order to complete the above-mentioned tasks • kept for the period of time necessary for completing the duties included in the Act of 29th September 1994 on accounting or for the period of time necessary to secure any possible claims of the data controller; the data subject has the right to access, modify, transfer and restrict processing their personal data as well as the right to make a complaint about the data processing to the supervisory authority. The data controller is "THERIOS Anna Skobrtal" company, contact details: phones +48 696 056 828, +48 606 862 467. 30-240 Cracow, ul. Za Skłonem 18.